Monday, March 10, 2008


Let me go over this again. There still seems to be enough people clamoring for blood over Man Made Global Warming. I do not argue there is no warming, I ague that man-kind is not the blame.

I do not reject CO2 as a greenhouse gas, it is one, a minor one, but one. So is water vapor and about half a dozen other elements in the atmosphere. Humans are not the only source for CO2 however. Livestock, and animals produce quite a healthy amount, and the oceans extrude ginormous amounts of CO2. Other things like Volcano’s, and dieing vegetation also give off CO2. Last year CO2 in the atmosphere went up by 0.52%, what percentage was manmade and what was the other items? Oceans are by far the largest contributor, but even if man was half, say 0.26%. Has our output gone up 100% in the last few years? Because just a few years ago it was 0.42% increase yearly. If the others remain the same at 0.26, then man in 5 years has gone from 0.16 to 0.26. Problem is the others have not stayed the same. Oceans are producing more, and 2007 was a very active volcano year globally.

In the last few months the global temperature has dropped significantly. More so than any time in 150 years, does that mean coming iceage? No.

I also like it when talking heads on TV say a 5 degree change (equal to 5 centuries like the 20th) will melt the poles. Do these people understand the temperature there? Highs were -27C and -41C the other day. COME ON !!! 5 degrees means -22C and -36C as a high. I think water is still frozen at those temperatures.

Personally I think a global cooling is far worse for us than warming. Warming means more crops later in the season, and more farmland opening up. Cooler means the opposite. Warming means we can feed 8-12 billion people, cooling means we can feed 5, so the rest just die.

Also, I live in a wood frame house. I am typing on a wood table. My bed frame is made mostly of wood (it has some large screws and corner pieces that are metal). All of this is taking carbon OUT of the atmosphere. America has the same forest area today we had in the 1800’s because we manage it properly. Dallas Texas was all sand and dust 100 years ago, and today it has 5 lakes (manmade) and lots of trees. If anything, man has helped the environment around here.

How many years of driving a V6 does it take to equate the carbon removed by building a house and furniture our of wood and wood products? (not counting all the wood in offices, banks, etc.)

Sometime I’ll tell you about something that happened in Arkansas 20 years back with Greenpeace and ‘saving’ trees.

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