Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chinese Olympics

I was watching ‘Your World’ with Neil Cavuto today, and he had a guest talking about how people should boycott The Olympics because of China’s policies toward neighbors. I agree sponsors should not put place ads for TV coverage, or make ads to run during the Olympics. I think supporting the TV broadcast will support Chinese policies, and justify the murder of innocents.

However I think supporting the US Olympic Team is a totally different story, and we SHOULD NOT pull out of the Olympics as a nation. The Olympics are the climax of many of those athletes lives. It is their 5 minutes of fame. I have met some past athletes who did and did not win metals, years ago, and once this is over, they go on to have real lives in offices, and stores, and schools. This is their moment.

I will not watch the opening ceremony.

I will not support the television sponsors. It is already on a network I don’t watch much anyway.

I suggest EVERYONE carefully look at who sponsors these games television broadcast and think twice about it. Make this a loser for the network, China, and the Olympic Committee. Make them think twice about having the Olympics in a country that enslaves it’s population and legalizes the murder of people for religious purposes.

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