Thursday, September 18, 2008

Watergate 2008 : Obama on the hotseat

Today Federal agents questioned the son of a prominent democrat from Tennessee in the theft of Gov. Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account. This person also volunteered and maybe is volunteering for Obama in his state. There is good reason today to ask Obama and his staff what they know of the incident. Did he ask this person to do this? Is this something he wanted done?

I’m not saying he did, but there is at least as much information linking him to this person in Tennessee as there was Nixon to the Watergate break-ins. There should be a serious investigation RIGHTNOW into exactly who talked to this person, and timeline between their conversation and the initial hack of the email account. When was this person or was this person in contact with the Obama team in Tennessee and they with Obama? Or is it more direct than that? We don’t know yet.

Sarah Palin’s Email was not hacked because she is a random person, it was hacked because she is a political figure standing against Obama, this is without question.

EDIT - Others seem to be bloging that his father is not only a strong supporter of Obama, but has in fact raised a lot of money for Obama. Is a high ranking member of Obama's team in Tennessee.

I want a federal attorney to subpoena Obama, immediate staff, Mike Kernell, his son, and staff mail, email, and phone records TONIGHT. I don't want to wait until Obama asks Hillary how to shred documents the right way. This needs to be resolved in 72 hours.

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