Monday, January 28, 2008

Soccer, er I mean Futbol.

I watched the Real Madrid vs Villarreal game on Gol TV today, and man was that a good game. at 2-1 you think it's over. Then Villarreal come back in style, but in less than a minute, Madrid closes the door making it 3-2. Both goalies were exceptional, and the play was great. I think in the end, they had like 17 or 18 corners in the game. Madrid has always been strong, and this year they dominate.

The whole time I watch it, I want soccer like this in the US. Don't get me wrong we do have MLS, and they have some good teams and good players, and often I catch their games on ESPN2 or other networks. It just isn't the same level as Europe. I would watch some Central/South American games but I have a hard time following Spanish commentators.

btw, the movies Goal and Goal 2 are totally AWESOME. I highly recommend people watch them if you like soccer at all. I can't wait for the 3rd to come out later this year. I heard it will be about the World Cup and Argentina.

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